Vinfast FelizS – Best Electric motorcycles for the future

In developing countries in Asia such as Vietnam, India, Philippines, Indonesia, etc., motorbikes are still popular means of transport. In big cities, motorbikes make up the majority. Now, people’s income level has decreased as a result of wars, pandemics, strong population growth… making gasoline expensive even for motorbikes.
The electric motorcycle solution was born, giving you the best choice to reduce carbon emissions, reduce dependence on gasoline, reduce noise and dust…

Introducing Vinfast Feliz electric motorbikes to you

Feliz S is one of the most accessible models that VinFast has just launched in the last batch. Vehicles are priced from $ 1400, excluding the cost of renting or buying batteries. The important thing is that in theory, this E-Motobike can travel a distance of nearly 200 km after each full charge.

vinfast felizs

Engines and its differences

Although there is no change in appearance, VinFast has completely changed the powertrain and battery placement, thereby making the car more powerful, the trunk wider ( the battery placed under the floor) and moving further.

The 1800 W motor (with the ability to peak up to 3000 W) replaces the 1000W motor in the previous version, so the power also increases. The car can reach a maximum speed of up to 78km/h instead of 60km/h in old version.

The most significant change is that VinFast switched to using LFP (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) battery technology, this is still a Li-ion battery but does not use rare metals such as Cobalt, Nickel and has a long life and high stability. than. For example, an electric car using this battery still ensures 70% life after 2000 charges.

The 3.5 KWh battery capacity of VinFast Feliz S helps the it to travel a distance of 198km with a travel speed of 30km/h. This is more than double the 90km in a regular Feliz. The time to fully charge the battery is about 6 hours, which is almost twice faster than Feliz using the previous lead battery.

Vehicle weight is 110 kg, compared to 126 kg before. The increased trunk capacity to 25 instead of 20 liters is also one of the differences of the Feliz S. The trunk of the Feliz S is deep and a bit narrow in width, I tried a 3/4 cap in, it was a bit stuck but but basically still get in so I can close the saddle normally.

The Feliz’s LED taillights have the same design as the previous generation, the turn signals are neatly integrated into the rear rear cluster of the car. Although the taillights have an eye-catching and highly identifiable LED pattern, the turn signals in my opinion are not very beautiful.

Along with electric cars, electric motorbikes will be the transportation solution of people around the world cities. We aim for a green future, reducing our dependence on petroleum. It is the future trend that gives you the best choice for mankind